As a MBA Andrews alumnus / student, you are the greatest advocate for our program. We appreciate your continued support of our recruitment efforts and thank you for sharing the MBA story with your co-workers, friends, and family. If you know of someone with great potential who might benefit from a Masters degree, then please let us know!
The process is simple!

Eligible for:

MBA Andrews Alumni / MBA Andrews Students

How it works:
A completed referral requires the following steps:

1. Alumni /Current MBA students must complete and submit the online form (below) before the candidate matriculates in MBA program.

2. We will follow up with the person named to answer their questions about the programs and the scholarship.

3. The referred candidate:
– The referred candidate must answer that the adviser is you.
– The referred candidate must pass the entrance exam or interview to MBA Andrews and attend the 2020 program (not applicable for postpone candidates).
– The referred candidate must complete the first installment of tuition fee.
– The referrer can benefit from only one policy out of all MBA Andrews policies.

4. When your referred candidate enrolls in an MBA program, you will receive one reward option of 5 million VND. This reward will be granted in the first term of their enrollment.

To assist you with the referral efforts, please contact us at 086.664.0880 for more details.

* If the referred doesn’t know about you, the reward is 1 million VND .

** This is a pilot program and will be reviewed at the end of the academic year. This program is for referral from 01 September 2020. This program may be terminated at any time.

** MBA Andrews employees are not eligible to participate in the student referral program as a referrer nor as a referred candidate